Advantages of spiral pipes

Spiral pipe is widely used in natural gas, petroleum, chemical industry, power industry, heating industry, water supply and drainage industry, steam heating, hydropower pressure steel pipe, thermal energy, water and other long-distance transmission pipeline and piling, dredging, bridges, steelstructure and other projects.


In the use and production process of spiral steel pipe, humans have invented a lot of good welding and production methods, and contributed greatly to the steady and rapid development of this industry, but also makes this industry optimization in the development. Automatic submerged arc welding is a new welding method invented in 1940, and in front of the manual welding it or slag protection, but this residue is not the electrode coating is melting out of welding flux . Into a wire device to send wire and wire reel, continuously gave welding wires, welding method is a continuous feeding wire arc ignition fusible granular flux coverage, so that the wire, base metal and part of the flux melting and evaporation to form a cavity, the arc of stable combustion in the cavity inside, so call it automatic submerged arc welding.

The arc is buried in a cavity inside. Coat system consists of a funnel filled with welding flux transported through a pipe to be welded in front of the second difference is that using electrodes, wire, because wire can give continuous; electrode, we burn an electrode must have a give an electrode head throw, and operating to stop, change the electrode before welding.

Such welding method compared with other methods is a great advantage of spiral pipes, the first advantage: completely realize the automation; second advantage, which is submerged arc under welding, heat exchange and protection performance is relatively strong, the welding quality is relatively high; third advantage, due to the automatic submerged arc welding arc buried beneath the coat, so it can use high-current welding efficiency high.

All the pipes are produced according to

Weled steel pipe specification, Standard and identification

Welded steel pipe (steel pipe manufactured with a weld) is a tubular product made out of flat plates, known as skelp, that are formed, bent and prepared for welding.

Galvanized pipe process characteristics

What is Galvanized Steel Pipe? Galvanized steel can be made into a strong plumbing or tubing material -- one that resists corrosion from exposure to water or the elements. It has been used used for water-supply pipes or as a strong tubing for outdoor applications.



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