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Abrasion resistant Bend & elbow

Abrasion resistant pipe elbows are mainly used in industry, so it also has the name of industrial wear-resistant elbow. Abrasion resistant pipe elbows in thermal power, steel, smelting, cement, machinery, coal, mining, chemical industry, port and other industries have a wide range of applications.General wear – resistant elbow application is wear – resistant ceramic lining, regardless of domestic, are so.Wear-resistant elbow is made of special corundum wear-resistant ceramic sheet lined in the inner wall of industrial elbow with special high temperature resistant super glue, which can solve thermal power, metallurgy, steel, cement and other industries.

Ceramic Lined Elbow

Ceramic lined bends with lap-joint flanges

Ceramic Lined Bends

Backpack  ceramic lined pipe elbow

Backpack ceramic lined pipe elbow

Rare earth alloy wear-resistant pipe bending

Rare earth alloy wear-resistant pipe bending

Rare Earth Wear Resistant alloy Elbow

Rare Earth Wear Resistant alloy Elbow

Bi-metal clad elobw

Bi Metal Clad elbow

Bimetal Clad Pipe Bend

Bimetal Clad Pipe Bend

Ceramic Tile lined elbow

Ceramic Tile Lined Bending

Ceramic tile lined bending

Basic analysis of performance of wear-resisting elbow

The wear-resistant elbow is widely used in the industry of wear and tear serious such as: thermal power, steel, metallurgy, cement, machinery, coal, mining, chemical, port etc. The wear-resistant elbow has the performance of good wear resistant performance, running resistance is small,corrosion resistant, anti-fouling, good performance, low project cost, easy to install and so son.

Wear-resistant elbow is the use of special temperature-resistant strong adhesive will be special corundum wear-resistant ceramic plate paste in the pipe elbow inside, solve the thermal power, metallurgy, steel, cement and other industries, such as material materials elbow wear serious problems, at the same time, the use of steel pipe elbow and wear-resistant ceramic paste integrated solution to facilitate rapid replacement and construction.

Depending on the working conditions, the production process is also different, you can use the direct paste method, bolt loading method or one molding method.

One pipe forming method (RHS) is the use of selected alumina particles, with a variety of molding methods fired lined pipe, and then with a special filler will be integrated into the pipe pouring in the interior of the pipe. The pipe formed by this method is different from the ceramic composite pipe formed by the celebrate combustion technology, and the inner liner ceramic crystal is identical with the SMD ceramics. The utility model has the advantages that the inner wall of the pipe is smooth and has very good abrasion resistance, which is suitable for the slag and ash removal system with high requirements for the piping material.

The bolt loading method is a ceramic assembling method using adhesive bonding, ceramic chip mutual pressure inserting and bolt mounting card triple fixing. Due to the use of triple fixed method, ceramics and equipment has become one, even if the 1000 ℃ above the high temperature operation, ceramics will not fall off.

Wear-resistant elbow product performance:

  1. wear Resistance: ceramic composite steel pipe lining ceramic layer in the Al2O3 content is greater than 95%, micro-hardness hv1000-1500, and thus has a very high wear resistance, its wear resistance than quenched the medium carbon steels 10 times higher than tungsten carbide drilling.
  2. corrosion-resistant ceramics are neutral materials, stable chemical properties, with excellent corrosion resistance and acid resistance, can resist a variety of inorganic acids, organic acids, organic solvents, and its corrosion resistance is more than 10 times times the degree of stainless steel.
  3. excellent heat resistance, can withstand temperature of more than 2000 ℃, in the scope of -50℃~900℃ long-term work.
  4. easy to weld: Ceramic liner composite steel pipe can be welded through the outer steel pipe to achieve the purpose of connection, ceramic liner composite steel pipe can be welded, flange, flexible quick connectors, such as the connection, installation is very convenient.
Ceramic lined extension pipe draws

Designed to match standard pipe flanges for easy installation in high-wear areas of the pipeline only. Maximum long-term cost-savings in replacement parts and downtime.

Size range:

Application of Abrasion resistant pipe elbows

According to the different working environment of Abrasion resistant pipe elbows, the production process is different.Can use direct paste method, bolt mounting method or one – piece forming method and other methods to make Abrasion resistant pipe elbows. Among them, the integrated pipe forming method is to use selected alumina particles, with a variety of forming methods to fire the lining of the pipe, and then with special filling material will be integrated into the pipe cast in the interior of the steel tube.The pipe formed by this method is different from the ceramic composite pipe formed by self-burning technology. The lining of the ceramic crystal is exactly the same as the ceramic chip.Its advantage is that the inner wall of the pipeline is smooth, with very good wear resistance, suitable for the pipe material requirements of high slag and ash removal system.

Industrial elbow wear often occurs in industrial production, which has a great impact on industrial safety and civilization.The appearance of wear – resistant elbow completely solved this problem.Many industries use wear-resistant elbow, not only convenient production, but also from the side to save a lot of expenditure costs, increased economic benefits.Wear-resistant elbow is the most widely used in the following industries.

  • Metallurgical and power industries.The reason why these two industries are put together is mainly because these two industries need a large number of metal pipes for the transmission of coal dust, ash, mud, etc.After using wear-resisting elbow pipe, its wear-resisting ability is strong, life is long, the advantage such as simple installation shows out immediately.
  • Mining industry.If wear-resistant elbow pipe is not adopted, the conveying of mineral powder is carried out by general pipe. Because the filling of mine and the conveying of refined mineral powder have a relatively large abrasion on the pipe, the service life of these pipes is only about one year. After the use of wear-resistant elbow pipe, the service life of this pipe will be extended by 5 times.
  • The coal industry.If the coal is transported by wet method for a long distance, the pipe has the requirements of good wear resistance and strong corrosion resistance, and the pipe with wear-resistant elbow can well meet these requirements.

Application industry:

  1. High wear-resistant pipeline: Thermal power generation, Ash (slag) conveying, pulverized coal conveying pipelines, concentrator tailings conveying and concentrate conveying pipelines, port pulp and sediment conveying pipelines, pulverized coal slurry conveying pipelines, etc.
  2. Heavy medium Select (WASH) coal plant coal conveying pipeline, high corrosion resistance thermal power desulfurization slurry slag conveying pipeline.
  3. Molten aluminum liquid conveying pipeline.
  4. High abrasion resistance, high corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance are required.

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