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分类归档 Definition and description

What Is Butt-Welding?

Butt-welding is the process of joining two pieces of material together along a single edge in a single plane. This process can be used on many types of materials, though metal and thermoplastics are the most common. When two sheets of steel are laid side-by-side and joined together along a single joint, this is an example of butt-welding.[……]

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ASTM A350 LF2 Carbon Steel

ASTM A350-LF2 Temperature range (-50 to 800 deg. F) Where corrosion resistance is not important. This material is heat treated “Forgings of [LF2] shall be furnished in the normalized, or in the normalized and tempered, or in the quenched and tempered condition…”[……]

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PVC Pipe

PVC was discovered in the late 1800s when vinyl chloride (C2H3Cl) was exposed to sunlight. The properties of the substance were noted at the time, but PVC was not put into practical application until the 1920s.[……]

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Flanges are used to connect together pipes or to connect a pipe to a choke, tee, valve or other equipment. There are many different flange standards to be found worldwide.[……]

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