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Ceramic-lined carbon steel pipe in the construction

The ceramic-lined steel pipe is made by the self-propagating high-temperature synthesis-centrifugal method. The melting point of corundum in the ceramic steel pipe is 2045 °C. The corundum layer and the steel layer have special structures due to process reasons, and the stress field is also special.

At normal temperature, the ceramic layer is subjected to compressive stress, and the steel layer is subjected to tensile stress, and the two are opposite to each other and form a balanced whole.

Free equilibrium state
Only when the temperature rises above 400 °C, the thermal stress coefficient is different, and the new stress field generated by thermal expansion and the original stress field in the ceramic steel pipe cancel each other out, so that the ceramic layer and the steel layer are in a free equilibrium state.

When the temperature is raised to 900 °C, the ceramic-lined steel pipe is placed in the hydrophobic water, repeatedly soaked several times, the composite layer is not cracked or cracked, showing the unmatched thermal shock resistance of ordinary ceramics. This performance is very useful in engineering construction.

Mechanical impact resistance
Because the outer layer is steel, and the inner layer does not crack when it is heated, flanges, purge ports, explosion-proof doors, etc. can be welded during construction, and can also be connected by direct welding method, which is better than wear-resistant cast stone pipe. Wear-resistant cast steel pipe, rare earth wear-resistant steel pipe, bi-metal composite pipe, steel-plastic pipe and steel rubber pipe are not easy to weld or can not be welded in construction.

The ceramic-lined steel pipe has good mechanical impact resistance, and the composite layer does not rupture and fall off during transportation, installation and knocking, and self-weight bending deformation between the two brackets.

High abrasion resistance
The ceramic-lined steel pipe has high abrasion resistance and strong resistance to fluid scouring. In a single air duct, the elbow wears quickly, and the wear resistance of the ceramic-lined steel pipe elbow is more than 5 times higher than that of the thick-walled wear-resistant cast steel elbow. In practice, the ceramic-lined steel pipe is opened and observed and measured after 1-2 years. The composite layer has no obvious wear or shedding.

In the same specification and unit length of the pipe, the ceramic-lined steel pipe weighs only the wear-resistant cast steel pipe. Or about 1/2 of the bimetallic composite pipe, its engineering cost per metre is reduced by 30-40%, only about 2/5 of the weight of the cast stone pipe and the rare earth wear-resistant steel pipe, and the engineering cost per meter is reduced by more than 20%. Ceramic-lined steel pipes used in corrosive or high-temperature places are only a fraction of the price of stainless steel pipes and nickel-titanium pipes.

The fluid conveying seamless steel pipe is not only used in the power industry, but also in metallurgy, coal, petroleum, chemical, building materials, machinery and other industries.
When the material with large grouting material is transported in the pipeline (such as ash, coal powder, mineral fine powder, tailings cement, etc.), there is a problem that the pipeline wears quickly, especially the elbow wears quickly; When there is a strong corrosive gas, liquid or solid, there is a problem that the pipe is corroded and is quickly destroyed; when the material having a higher temperature is transported in the pipe, there is a problem that the use of the heat-resistant steel pipe is very expensive. With the ceramic-lined steel pipe available, these problems are solved.


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