Ceramic Tile Lined Bend

Ceramic tile lined pipe bending, Ceramic tile lined bending have very uniform coating of specially formulated ceramic material that is affixed to the inner of the pipe and gives a very smooth surface.

Alumina Ceramic Lined Bends

It is well understood that conveying velocity of ash, its density as well as size of ash particles are major factors that determine wear rate of Bends and Y-Pieces. Here, the use of Alumina Ceramic in Ash Handling systems help in lowering the possibility of wear and damages caused to the internals. Here, our expertise lies in filling the linings in casings manufactured at our works or can also be fitted directly in worn out volute casing at plant site.

Some of the industry areas where these are used include:

  1. Coal Fired Thermal Power Projects
  2. Mineral processing units
  3. Steel Plants
  4. Cement Plants
  5. Coal and Mineral washeries
  6. Aluminium plants
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