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Ceramic tile lined pipe tee

Ceramic tile lined pipe tee has very uniform coating of specially formulated ceramic material that is affixed to the inner of the pipe and gives a very smooth surface.

Material: Alumina 95%. Keep the interior dimension.

Rockwell Hardness: more than 85 HRA

Suggested Usage of the Ceramic Tile Lined Pipe and fittings:

The use of Ceramic tile lined pipe and fittings is ideal in services that are prone to erosive wear, and where standard pipe and fittings would fail within 24 months or less.

Ash Pipe & ElbowsAdd-Mix Transport LinesCoal Piping Clinker Chutes
ChutesCoal Conduit LiningCoal Handing Chute Lining
Fan LiningPulverizer Housing LinerCoal Mill Pulverizer Cone Lining
Bumer Feed PipesClassifer Cone LiningCullet Chutes & Hoppers
Cyclone LiningDowncomer Pipe LiningCoal Mill Exhauster Lining
Fan HousingsDrag Convey or LiningCoal Mill Pulverizer Lining

Ceramics with very low friction factor at low impingement angles decreases the abrasion of materials maximally. Its low density makes it easy to carry and install.

These ceramic lined fittings include elbows, bend, reducers and T pipes are bonded with the abrasion resistant alumina or ZTA ceramic tiles into the inner wall of the carbon steel pipes/elbows with strong-high-temperature resistant adhesive, thus form a firm abrasion resistant layer.

This method mainly applied in the pneumatic&hydraulic conveying system and it can be applied in almost all kinks of pipe fittings like coal powder conveying pipes and elbows,dusting,ash, slag removing pipes ,elbows,reducer,T pipe and cross pipe, even laterals, mining slurry conveying pipe fittings and so on. Almost no limitation for the the diameter of the pipe fittings.


  1. Superior wear resistance
  2. Chemical and impact resistance
  3. Erosion acid, alkali resistance
  4. Smooth inner wall
  5. Easy installation
  6. Longer service lifetime
  7. Competitive and reasonable price
  8. Saved maintenance time and expenditure

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