Connection method of wear-resistant ceramic lined pipe

Because the wear-resistant ceramic tube is light in weight and has good welding performance. Therefore, the wear-resistant ceramic pipe can be welded, flanged, and fast-connected, which is convenient for construction and installation and can reduce installation costs.

The self-propagating wear-resistant ceramic elbow can be connected by direct welding, flanges, quick joints, etc. The wear-resistant ceramic elbow of this process is the same as the connection of steel pipes, mainly because the process is metallurgical, so the welding Layer ceramic does not cause any problems, and the wear-resistant ceramic elbow produced by this process can ensure fast, accurate, time-saving and labor-saving during the connection process.

Welding connection
During the welding process, pay attention to whether the material of the weldment and the chemical composition and physical properties of the welding material (welding rod and welding wire) are consistent or similar, and adopt the corresponding welding method, welding machine type and corresponding current and speed, and protect the eyes from arc Light damage and burns from spatter.

Flange connection

The wear-resistant ceramic pipe flange connection is to connect the two pipes, firstly fix them on the flange, between the two flanges, keep the port clean, add the flange gasket, and fix the connection with bolts to complete Flange connection. Attention should be paid to the diameter of the center circle of the two flange bolt holes to be connected, which is characterized by easy disassembly and easy installation.

Flexible clamp connection

Wear-resistant ceramic tube steel flexiblWelding connectione clamps must be loosened before installing the pressure plate bolts, pull the product to the installation length, and then tighten diagonally, do not press the pressure, such as overhead use, both ends must be installed with corresponding fixing bracket .
The wear-resistant ceramic elbow of the patch is mainly connected with the flange, or the two ends of the wear-resistant ceramic elbow of the patch are connected with a section of 50mm ordinary steel pipe, which can be welded.Mainly because the patch type is combined with glue, so it is not easy to weld.
Precautions for installation of ceramic wear-resistant pipe:Pay attention to safety in high-temperature installation. Do not cut ceramic wear-resistant tubes..
If the flange cannot be connected, welding method can be adopted.
The outer diameter of the ceramic wear-resistant pipe of our company is larger than that of the ordinary standard pipe. If welding is adopted, we will add the standard welded bevel pipe segment at both ends.

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