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corrugated steel pipe

Corrugated steel pipes have many different uses, most of them in construction. The specifications for these pipes can vary widely depending on what the intended use of the pipe is. Corrugated steel pipe are made of either steel or aluminum.

corrugated steel pipe

Our corrugated steel pipe is available in a variety of thicknesses and is available with a galvanized, aluminized or polymer coating. We also offer corrugated stainless steel pipe. These products are used extensively in flood control, drainage, and sewer systems because steel is reliable, traceable, sustainable, and strong. We manufacture pipe sizes ranging from 6” diameter through 156” diameter. A range of wall thicknesses are available and the standard length is 20-feet, though other lengths are available. Sunny Steel also provides complimentary products for all of your project development needs.

Steel and Aluminum Pipes

These pipes are made with either half an inch or 1 inch deep corrugation throughout the pipe. The minimum size for steel and aluminum corrugated pipes is 12 inches with a maximum size of 144 inches depending on how deep the corrugation is. These pipes are used in the construction of bridges, storm sewers, tunnels and water retention systems.

Steel with Paved Insert

Corrugated steel pipes with paved inserts are made with 1 inch deep corrugation. The minimum size specification for these pipes is 54 inches with a maximum usable size of 144 inches. These pipes are used in the construction of small bridges, water retention systems and storm sewers.

Concrete Lined Steel

Another option for corrugated metal pipes is concrete-lined steel pipes. These pipes feature either half an inch or 1 inch corrugation. They have a minimum usable size of 24 inches with a maximum size of 120 inches. These pipes are used to make storm sewers, culverts and storm water detention systems.


Sunny Steel provide a wide range of steel products as Steel pipes, Seamless tube and seamless pipes, Alloy pipes, Pipe fittings, Composite steel pipe used in the industry, construction etc.



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