Difference among 304,304L,304H stainless steel

ASTM 304,304L,304H stainless steel are commonly used in stainless steel,we can offer 304,304L,304H stainless steel stock,and a variety of 304,304L,304H stainless steel.

  • Here is difference among 304,304L,304H stainless steel.
  • 304H and 304L and 304 compared to the main content is different from carbon.
  • 304H high carbon content than 304, 304L low carbon content than 304
  • 304 within the carbon content of 0.08%
  • 304H between the carbon content of 0.04-0.1%
  • 304L inside the carbon content of 0.035%

Other elements in basically no difference.

304H features: heat-resistant stainless steel, with good bending, welding performance, corrosion resistance, high strength and lasting organizational stability, cold deformation capacity is very good. Operating temperature up to 650 ℃ , anti-oxidation temperature up to 850 ℃

304L type material because low carbon content for better weaving and welding characteristics.

Compared with 304 and 304L 304H, just different carbon content.

304 within the carbon content of 0.08%, 304H between the carbon content is 0.04-0.1%, 304H carbon content of 0.035%, the content of other elements basically no difference.

More about difference among 304,304H,304L stainless steel,or you need 304,304H,304L stainless steel stock,you can contact us at any time.

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