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Ferro Alloy

Ferro Alloy

Steel can roughly be grouped into two categories. Firstly there is ordinary steel and then there is alloy steel. Alloy steel is characterized by the presence of one or more alloying elements. These alloying elements include silicon, molybdenum, chromium, nickel, titanium, vanadium, niobium and more.
Upstream producers use these alloying elements in their steelmaking in order to achieve the needed anti-corrosion requirements as well as high temperature resistance and high tensile strength in various segments of the steel. In order to compartmentalize particular characteristics of each alloy steel, varying the alloying element quantity percentage in the steel production is the key and initial method.

Alloy steel has been used extensively in various industries such as casting and foundries, forging, steel pipe and tube, automobile ancillaries, construction and aircraft components because of special features like reducing the weight of a product or strong durability and high strength.
Ferro Silicon
Chemical content: Si 75%, 72%, 70%, 65% minimum, Al: 2%, 1.5 max or low percentage
Application: Raw material used in stainless steel production.
Ferro Molybdenum
Chemical content: Mo 68%, 65%, 60% Min., C 0.1% max, Si 1.5%, Cu 0.5% max.
Application: Raw material used in stainless steel production (grade 316).

Ferro Chrome
High carbon ferro chrome-
Chemical content: Cr 63% min, C 6 – 8%, Si 2% max.
Low carbon ferro chrome-
Chemical content: Cr 65% min, C 0.035 – 1.0% max.
Application: Raw material used in stainless steel production.
Ferro Titanium
Chemical content: Ti 28.5%, 68 – 70% min, Al 6% max, Si 3% max
Application: Raw material for stainless steel with Titanium production, such as grade 321 or stainless steel welding electrodes.
Ferro Vanadium
Chemical content: V 78 – 82% / 48 – 52%, Al-2.0% max, Si1.5% max. , C 0.2% max.
Application: Raw material for high strength steel production.
Ferro Niobium
Chemical content: Nb 60 –68%, Al 2.5 % max., Si 4.0% max. , C 0.1% max.
Application: Raw material for alloy steel, stainless steel (grade 347) foundries, welding electrodes.


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