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Food grade rubber expansion joint

Food grade rubber expansion joint

Food grade rubber joints with SS316 flanges is generally consist of the inner and the outer rubber layer and fabric reinforced layer (the enhancement layer has a multilayer spreading cord fabric), vulcanization molded in high temperature and high pressure , then assembly together with rubber tube and metal flange or parallel joint sleeve.

Usage of food grade rubber expansion joint

Protecting piping and equipment system from stress or motion.

Characteristics of food grade rubber expansion joint

It take advantages of rubber, such as high elasticity, high air tightness, medium resistance, weather resistance and radiation resistance, it can reduce the vibration and noise of pipeline, and it can play the role of compensation for thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature change.

ADVANTAGES of food grade rubber expansion joint

1.Outstanding pressure resistance

It excels in pressure resistance by the combination of spherical structure with super stability against internal pressure and strong special reinforcing nylon. We flexible connector display an outstanding pressure resistance of bursting pressure.

2.Superior absorption of vibration-noise-shock

We single sphere flexible rubber joint are engineered to reduce vibration ,noise and movenment inherent in piping systems.Joint installation of the We will enable the isolated equipment to move freely ,eliminating vibration and repelling sound which is prevalent in metallic type joint.

3.Compensate greater elongation, compression , lateral and angular movement

Equipment such as pump ,chillers,cooling tower,compressors and piping systems move out of alignment due to wear,load stress and during the setting of foundation blocks.We flexible connector for lateral ,torsional and angular movement to prevent damage ,which elimate costly downtime in plant operation.


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