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How to select the gasket for Flange Connections?

One of the best all-around seals, the spiral wound gasket offers a low-cost solution that has the ability to handle temperature and pressure fluctuations. Multiple plies of metal and filler in the spiral create a barrier that reduces the possibility of leaks.

Gaskets for Flange Connections

Gaskets for Flange Connections

Heat Exchanger Gaskets

Garlock manufactures a wide variety of double-jacketed, spiral-wound, metal-clad and solid metal gaskets for heat exchanger applications. GRAPHONIC® and Kammprofile gaskets are also available in heat exchanger configurations.

Temperature and Chemical Considerations

Be certain that the gasket you order is as resistant as possible to the media and temperature involved. Check the chemical compatibility of the metal as well as the filler material for the media to be sealed. As a general rule, the metal used in either the spiral winding or double-jacketed gasket should be similar to the flange material.

The compressibility of flexible graphite makes it an excellent filler material for metallic gaskets. Flexible graphite may be used in services with temperatures up to 950ºF (485ºC), though it should not be used with strong oxidizers such as nitric or sulfuric acid.

PTFE filler material provides excellent chemical resistance at temperatures below 500ºF (260ºC). In accordance with ASME B16.20, an inner ring is required when using conventional PTFE filler materials, in order to protect the winding from radial buckling.

Temperature Limits for Common Metals

Row color indicates guide ring color. Due to browser color display differences, you may wish to consult our

Material Minimum Maximum Abbr.
ºF  ºC ºF  ºC
304 Stainless Steel -320 -195 1400 760 304
316L Stainless Steel -150 -100 1400 760 316L
317L Stainless Steel -150 -100 1400 760 317L
321 Stainless Steel -320 -195 1400 760 321
347 Stainless Steel -320 -195 1700 925 347
Carbon Steel -40 -40 1000 540 CRS
20Cb-3 (Alloy 20) -300 -185 1400 760 A-20
HASTELLOY® B 2 -300 -185 2000 1090 HAST B
HASTELLOY® C 276 -300 -185 2000 1090 HAST C
INCOLOY® 800 -150 -100 1600 870 IN 800
INCONEL® 600 -150 -100 2000 1090 INC 600
INCONEL® X750 -150 -100 2000 1090 INX
MONEL® 400 -200 -130 1500 820 MON
Nickel 200 -320 -195 1400 760 NI
Titanium -320 -195 2000 1090 TI
ASME B16.20 Color Code Chart

ASME B16.20 Color Code Chart
Spiral Wound Gasket Metallic Windings
and Non-Metallic Fillers

Operating Pressure

Changes in spiral winding construction affects gasket density. Higher pressure applications require windings with more wraps of thinner filler material. This construction withstands higher bolt loads, and provides a better seal against high pressures. A lower pressure gasket has fewer wraps of metal and filler, allowing the gasket to seat under lower bolt loads.

Gasket Selection by Flange Type

Flat Face * * * * * *
Raised Face * * * *
Ring Joint *
Male-Female * * * * *
Tongue-&-Groove * * * *
Groove-to-Flat * *

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