Plate Flanges

Our range of durable Plate Flanges are used to seal the end of pipelines, valves or other connection.

150 LBS Plate Flanges

150 LBS Plate Flanges

With high tensile strength, these steel plate flanges are available with a raised face and back ups for easy installation. Resistant to corrosion, these plate flanges have high tensile strength and weld ability. Use of superior quality alloy for raw material makes our range extremely durable. Available in standard dimensions, these plate blank flanges can also be customized as per client’s requirement.

The various types of plate flanges are as follows:

  • Plate blind Flanges
  • Slip On Plate Flanges
  • Lap Joint Plate Flange

150 lb. Slip-On Plate Flanges

  • OD AND DRILLING for 1/2″ through 24″ pipe size’s per ASME/ANSI B16.5-1996 Class 150
  • OD AND DRILLING for 30″ & 36″ pipe size per ASME/ANSI B16.1-1989 Class 125

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