POSCO hosted Global EVI Forum

hosted the “2nd Annual Global EVI Forum” on October 17th 2012 at the Seoul Sheraton Grande Walker Hill Hotel, aimed to strengthen successful partnerships and secure exchange with potential global partners.

Posco Steel

South Korean electronics giant, Posco has launched a bid to acquire steelmaker and iron ore miner Arrium Limited in association with commodities trader Noble Group.
The two companies have launched a bid at 75 cents per share with a combined value of around $1 billion. The value is about 39 per cent premium above closing price on Friday when the shares closed at 54 cents. The board of the Arrium has said that it will not accept the value because it undervalues the shares of the company.

Approximately 1000 related personnel from 450 leading global client companies including FIAT, Hitachi, Jindai, SAW, Volvo CE, and Shimizu Corporation attended to seek joint development in the steel and demand industries.

Especially at this year’s Global EVI Forum, clients of POSCO Family companies including POSCO P&S, POSCO Specialty Steel, and POSCO C&C were invited, exhibiting an integrated brand image widely and strengthening the status of the POSCO Family even further.

Other leading global steel companies are also hosting an EVI forum focused on the steel industry, but POSCO has gathered the spotlight being the first of steel companies to expand the forum to all industries such as automobile, energy, construction, electric and heavy equipment.

In his welcoming speech, CEO Mr Chung Joonyang said that “In an era of uncertainty in the world’s economy and low-growth competitive environment, the only way to survive is for all managing bodies of the supply chain to join together and maximize their joint value. We should not stop at merely sharing short-term profit, but rather create a future growth engine together and grow the overall pie.”

He added that “Domestic and international clients who participated in the forum expressed their expectations on expanding joint cooperation by commenting, through EVI marketing activities, we were able to see POSCO’s sincerity and will for the success of its clients, and it served as an opportunity to gain confidence in the trust to rely on each other as a success partner.”

This year’s forum started with the keynote speech by Mr Hwang Chang gyu, head of the National R&D Strategy Planning Commission, under the theme of ‘Collaborative Value Innovation: Successful Partnerships in an Era of Uncertainty’, and was followed by presentations and discussions on the newest changes in the global energy industry and the shale gas revolution, POSCO material development and competitiveness of utilizing technologies, industrial trends of the China automobile industry and future prospects.

Also during the event, POSCO entered into approximately 50 MoUs on long term material supply, sales agreements, joint EVI and technology development with major client companies both domestic and abroad, seeking ways to the path of success with clients.

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