Stub Ends

Stub Ends are fittings used in place of welded where rotating back up are desired. They are also called Lap Joints and Vanstone Flared Laps. A rotating back up seats itself against the back surface of the Stub End. When bolts are added, the clamping action of the bolts presses the rotating back up against the back of the Stub End.

Stainless stub end
+ Stainless stub end
Butt-welded Stub end
+ Carbon steel Stub end
Lap joint stub end
+ Lap joint stub end
Welded Eccentric reducer
+ Lap joint stub end

When bolts are added, the clamping action of the bolts presses the rotating back up flange against the back of the Stub End. The surface of the Stub End then presses against a and another surface providing joints like standard flange joints. The seal is made by the surface of the stub end alone, the flange only provides the clamping pressure on the joint.

stub ends draw

Dimensional Tolerances of Stub Ends MSS SP-43

Our high quality stub ends (Butt weld fittings ) are tested and verified for durability, accuracy and precision. The stub ends are manufactured in all standard dimensions. The stub ends are provided with a standard weld bevel and can be available in squared, flanged, victaulic and threaded ends. We offer stub ends at highly competitive prices.

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Material: A234-WPB A234-WP12 A234-WP11 A234-WP5 A403-WP304 A403-WP304L A403-WP316. A403-WP316L A420-WPL6,316L, 304L, 321, 321H.
Manufacturing standard: ASME/ANSI B16.9, JIS, DIN, EN, 5L, etc.
Surface treatment:Shot blasted, rust-proof black oil


Petroleum, Chemical, Power, Gas, Metallurgy, Ship-building, Construction, ect.

Packing: Plywood Case/ Pallet/ other

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