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Japan stainless steel exports see major decline in Nov 2015

According to latest data released by the Japanese Ministry of Finance (MoF), the country’s stainless steel exports declined during the month of November this year. This is when compared with the exports during the previous month.

Japan’s stainless steel exports during the month of November totaled 68,364 tons, dropping by 20.2% from the previous month. The country’s stainless steel exports had totaled 85,715 tons during September this year.

The largest export destination of Japanese stainless steel was China. The exports to China totaled 12,152 tons, constituting nearly 18% of the total stainless steel exports by Japan during the month. The exports from Japan to China dropped by 17.9% when compared with the exports during September 2015. In second place was South Korea with total imports of 8,413 tons. The stainless steel exports to South Korea declined sharply by 44.7% month-on-month. The third largest export destination was Taiwan. The country’s imports of Japanese stainless steel totaled 6,198 tons, increasing by 26.9% over the previous month.

The average export price of stainless steel from the country during Nov ‘15 was $3,814 per ton, rising modestly by 5.2% when compared with the previous month. The exports of stainless steel amounted to $2.607 billion during the month.


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