Pipe elbows

Elbows, also known as “ells,” are used to change the direction of a pipe system. An elbow typically features a 45, 90 or 180 degree bend, although other angles are also available. Elbows come in a variety of diameters and are generally threaded for connectivity. A common example of an elbow fitting in the home is the piece that extends from the wall of your shower to which the shower head connects.

 45 Degree 1.5D Elbow
Short radius elbows
 90 Degree 1.5D Elbow
Long radius elbows
 45 Degree 1.5D Elbow
Stainless pipe elbows
Larg size diameter elbows
Big diameter elbows

When the two ends differ in size, the fitting is called a reducing elbow or reducer elbow.
Elbows are categorized based on various design features as below:
Long Radius (LR) Elbows – radius is 1.5 times the pipe diameter
Short Radius (SR) Elbows – radius is 1.0 times the pipe diameter
90 Degree Elbow – where change in direction required is 90°
45 Degree Elbow – where change in direction required is 45°

Wall thickness: SCH5 to SCH160
Size range: 1/2 to 56 inches (DN 15 to DN 1,400mm)
Degree: 22.5 Deg, 45 Deg, 90 Deg, 180 Deg

Pipe elbow draws
Pipe elbow draws

Manufacturing standards: ANSI, ISO, JIS and DIN
Process: butt welding, seamless
Type: Long radius, Short radius, Large size
Pressure: class 3000, 6000 and 9000


carbon steel, stainless steel, malleable iron, brass, A234, A105, A403, F304, F304L, F316 and F316L

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