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Rotary compensator

The sealing packing material of the rotary compensator can withstand temperature -60℃-800℃.  Between the inner pipe and external pipe, there are two retaining rings, inside which there are lubricate beads for reducing friction, as well as reducing packing wear by the inner pipe.

The pushing power of the springs on the rotary compensator will keep the gland flanges always tight with the packing material, so that avoiding media leaks of the pipeline. If the packing wear is large, the spring compression force can be adjusted by external force without stopping pipeline operating.

Generally speaking, it needs a group of rotary compensator in the length of 150~500m pipeline(or in accordance with the natural terrain), and there are more than 10 kinds of installation form, choose different layout form according to the pipeline route. With this rotary compensation, the mounting bracket spacing increases, in order to avoid deflection of pipelines, guide brackets should be increased. In order to reduce the frictional resistance of pipe operation, rolling bearings shalled be installed on the slide brackets.

Features of Rotary Compensator:

Large compensation amount, set up according to the natural terrain and piping intensity, the largest group of compensator can beused in the compensation of 500m pipeline section;

  • No blind force generated by medium pressure, mounting bracket can be not that large, even for large diameter pipes;
  • Excellent sealing performance, long-term operation without maintenance;
  • Less investment;
  • Simple design calculation;
  • This rotating compensator can be installed in underground pipelines for steam and hot water transmission, safe operation.
  • Slip pipe: chromium plating in carbon steel/304
  • Other: carbon steel

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