Seamless Pipes and Tubes for Pressure Applications

The EN 10216 Euronorm replaces the old DIN 17175 and DIN 1629standards. This standard is designed for pipes used in pressure applications, such as a pipeline. This is why the associated steel qualities are designated by the letter P for ‘Pressure’. The value that follows this letter designates the minimum yield strength. The subsequent letter designations provide additional information.

DIN 1629 seamless pipe

DIN 1629 applications the overheated boilers, as minimum thickness ferrite and seamless steel pipes, and as heat exchangers via austenitic pipes.

The EN 10216 comprises several parts. The parts that are relevant to us are as follows:

  • EN 10216 Part 1: non-alloy pipes with specified properties at room temperature
  • EN 10216 Part 2: non-alloy pipes with specified properties at higher temperatures
  • EN 10216 Part 3: alloy pipes made from fine-grained steel for any temperature
EN 10216-1 steel tubing

We are one of the professional China manufacturers work at EN 10216-1(EN 10216-1 steel tubing).

EN 10216-2 Seamless tube

This part of EN10216 may also be applied for tubes of non-circular cross section; necessary modification should be agreed a time of enquiry and order.

Some examples:

EN 10216-1, Quality P235TR2 (formerly DIN 1629, St.37.0)

  • P = Pressure
  • 235 = minimum yield strength in N/mm2
  • TR2 = quality with specified properties relating to aluminum content, impact values and inspection and test requirements. (In contrast to TR1, for which this is not specified).

EN 10216-2, Quality P235 GH (formerly DIN 17175, St.35.8 Cl. 1, boiler pipe)

  • P = Pressure
  • 235 = minimum yield strength in N/mm2
  • GH = tested properties at higher temperatures

EN 10216-3, Quality P355 N (more or less equivalent to DIN 1629, St.52.0)

  • P = Pressure
  • 355 = minimum yield strength in N/mm2
  • N = normalized*

* Normalized is defined as: normalized (warm) rolled or standard annealing (at a min temperature of 930°C). This applies to allqualities designated by the letter ‘N’ in the new Euro Standards.

Pipes: the following standards are replaced by DIN EN

Pipes for pressure applications OLD standard

Execution Norm Steel grade
Welded DIN 1626 St.37.0
Welded DIN 1626 St.52.2
Seamless DIN 1629 St.37.0
Seamless DIN 1629 St.52.2
Seamless DIN 17175 St.35.8/1
Seamless ASTM A106* Grade B
Seamless ASTM A333* Grade 6


Execution Norm Steel grade
Welded DIN EN 10217-1 P235TR2
Welded DIN EN 10217-3 P355N
Seamless DIN EN 10216-1 P235TR2
Seamless DIN EN 10216-3 P355N
Seamless DIN EN 10216-2 P235GH
Seamless DIN EN 10216-2 P265GH
Seamless DIN EN 10216-4 P265NL

* ASTM standards will remain valid and will not be replaced by Euronorms in the near future

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