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Spherical compensator

Spherical compensator is also called three-dimensional spherical compensator.

The three-dimensional spherical compensator is composed of two spherical structural elements and a sleeve structural element. The spherical structural element makes radial deflection angular displacement, and the sleeve structural element makes axial linear displacement.

When two spherical structural elements and one sleeve structural element are combined, a toggle structure that can simultaneously absorb three-dimensional expansion is formed.

The three-dimensional spherical compensator has a large deflection angle and a large axial displacement, which can effectively absorb the large downward displacement of the boiler.

When selecting the three-dimensional spherical compensator, such as horizontal installation, it mainly absorbs the downward displacement of the boiler, that is, the angular displacement of the three-dimensional spherical compensator. In this case, a three-dimensional spherical compensator with large angular compensation and small axial displacement should be selected. . On the contrary, the vertical installation mainly absorbs the downward displacement of the boiler; that is, the three-dimensional spherical compensates the axial displacement. At this time, a three-dimensional spherical compensator with small angular compensation and large axial displacement should be selected.

The compilation specifications of the three-dimensional spherical compensator are DN200 ~ DN600 in total 9 kinds according to the public; the compilation specifications according to the English are: 18″, 20″, 22″, 24″, 26″, 28″, 30″

There are 8 kinds of 32″; the length of the preparation specifications is set as 1200~3000, 5 kinds; the total specifications are 85 kinds.

The three-dimensional spherical compensator produced by our company is mainly used in urban central heating pipelines, steam pipelines in thermal power plants, powder and ash discharge pipelines for large power boilers, air (gas) pipelines and various cooling pipelines in the metallurgical industry, and other heat Various pipes that expand and contract, etc.


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