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Cast basalt lined steel pipe

Cast basalt lined steel pipe is consist of steel pipe, cast basalt pipe and the concreteness of cement mortar.

Cast basalt lined steel pipe is made with lined cast basalt pipes, coat steel pipe and the cement mortar filling between the two layers, it sets the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of cast stone pipe, the toughness of the steel pipe and the consolidation of the cement mortar in one. Greatly improve the product’s ability of adapting various complicated working condition. At the same time using cement mortar as filling material, can make the pipe inner surface in alkaline medium, so that the surface of the steel pipe will produce a purified film to prevent corrosion. Cast basalt lined steel pipe is not only resistant to wear and corrosion, against high pressure, but also convenient and safe to transport.

The nominal diameter series of cast basalt lined steel elbow pipe is the same as the cast basalt lined steel straight pipe , the turning radius and central Angle can be made according to the requirements of customers.

The technical parameters of the coat steel of cast basalt lined steel pipe according to the operating pressure of the pipeline system to determine.

After 30 years of practical use proved cast basalt lined steel pipe is a reliable and effective combination of wear—resistant materials. Be used in a variety of transportation of corrosive materials in working condition.

Main Specification Of Cast Basalt Lined Steel Pipe
Cast Basalt Pipe DN
Standard Steel Pipe OD
Cast Basalt Thickness


80 159 25 4000
100 168 17.5 20 4000
125 195
150 219
175 245 6000
200 273
225 300
250 325
275 345
300 377
350 426
400 478 20
450 529
500 600 25
550 650
600 720 30 6000
650 770
700 820
750 870
800 920

Other specifications of cast steel pipe lined with basalt can be manufactured according to customer technical requirements. Suitable for large-diameter basalt lining steel pipes with a nominal diameter greater than 800mm. Generally, according to the running status of the pipeline, different cement is used to fix the basalt brick inside the finished steel pipe to complete the basalt lining steel pipe. Its advantages are good wear resistance, wide range of use, basically not limited by the size of the pipeline and low cost of pipeline installation.

Comparision Chart

Comparison of Ceramic lines with few other materials under standard conditions :

MaterialThickness(mm)Approx life ( Months )
Mild Steel103-5
Cast Iron206-8
Cast Basalt3020-25

Cast Basalt Lined Pipes And Fittings

Cast basalt pipe can be divided into straight pipe, elbow, three-way (four-way) pipe and variable diameter pipe, etc.

The excellent performance of cast basalt lined steel pipe is that it sets tenacity of steel pipe, abrasive resistance of cast basalt pipe, concreteness of cement mortar in one.

This greatly improves the products adaptive capacity in complicated operation conditions. At the same time. cement mortar is selected as the filling material and this can make the inside surface of steel pipe in alkali mediums. So the surface of steel pipe generates purifying films. These films can prevent being rusted.

Cast basalt

Cast basalt is a kind of silicate crystalline material after producing and processing, it made of natural rock (basalt, diabase and other basite) or some industrial waste as the main raw materials, by melting, casting, crystallization, annealing and other processes.

Cast basalt have an excellent performance of high abrasive and high corrosion resistance. Cast basalt products mainly include cast basalt tile, cast basalt pipe, cast basalt lined steel pipe, clamp cast basalt pipe, cast basalt wear-resistant slip joints, cast basalt wear-resistant valves, cast basalt powder and various wear-resistant corrosion-resistant cement which use cast basalt powder as raw material. Cast basalt products have been widely used in industrial sectors which have serious wear and corrosion of parts and equipment, such as electric power, mining, metallurgy, coal, chemicals, construction and so on. Cast basalt is an indispensable non-metallic industrial new material in the development of modern industry.

Friction Resistance – As more material is passed over Cast Basalt it gets polished up thereby reducing friction further. Cast Basalt improves in service after getting polished. Wetting also improves its performance in practical applications.

Impact Resistance – Direct Impact Resistance at 90 degree is low like all other ceramics, but it can be increased with proper installation by reducing the angle of impact. Cast Basalt is the best wherever sliding abrasion exists. Moreover, external impact strength of composite basalt pipe (enclosed in M.S. Shell) is always more than that of bare Ni-hard Pipe.

Chemical Resistance Cast Basalt is almost absolutely acid/alkali resistant (except Hydrofluoric Acid) and hence corrosion resistant.
Weight and Sizes – Basalt Tiles are available in regular shape square of 200 x 200 x 30 mm thick, weighing approx. 90 kg/sq m; whereas bends and pipes are lined using Basalt

  • Cylinders of various standard sizes from 50NB upto 500NB.
  • Temperature – Cast Basalt withstands temperature up to 450 o C
  • Life – Life of basalt-lined pipe is estimated to be 7 to 10 times that of Cast Iron, and 3 to 4 times that of Ni-hard Steel.

Centrifugal casting molding

Cast basalt pipe adopt magma centrifugal casting molding, then go through the tunnel kiln to annealing, and over a period of open storage to eliminating naturally the residual internal stress of cast basalt pipe

The Connection Of Cast Basalt Line Steel Pipe

Cast Basalt Lined Steel Pipe Can Connect With Flange, Quick Assembly Joints And Welding.

Flange Connection

Flange Connection Is One Kind Of Common Pipeline Installation Connections. By Two Pieces Of Flanges, Pipeline, Valve, Equipments Are Connected And It Forms A Tight Piping System. When Pipeline Pressure Is Larger, Flange Connection Is Priority Selection. Flanges Have Lots Of Different Sizes. Flange Size Is Determined According To Pipeline Normal Diameter And Pipeline Operation Pressure.

The parameters of the outside steel pipe will be decided according to the working pressure of the system. The connection of the pipes and fitting will be of flange connections, easy—flexible joint connection or by welding.

By two pieces of flanges,pipeline,valve,equipments are connected and it forms a tight piping system. When pipeline pressure is larger, flange connection is priority secection. Flanges have lots of differents sizes.

Flange size is determined according to pipeline normal diameter and pipeline operation pressure.

Welding & Beveled End

It Suits Short Distance Pipeline System Without Maintenance. It Is One Kind Of Common Installation Connections. It Requires Installation Personnel Higher Welding Ability. It Also Restricts By Welding Site, Distance, Welding Positions. Welding Connections Is Inconvenient In Later Maintenance.

Easy-Flexible Joint Connection

It Is One Of High Efficient And Rapid Installation Connection. I T Has The Below Characteristic: Easily Install And Disassemble, Fast Installation, Temperature Adjustable Compensation Function, Saving The Necessary Expansion In Long Pipeline. Easy-Flexible Joint Also Has Angle Compensation Characteristic. At Smaller Angle Turning Points, Easy-Flexible Joint Can Be Instead Of Bends And Adjust Angle.


Cast basalt lined steel pipe, as both a wear—resistant and corrosion—resistant materials, the transport properties of wear or corrosion of materials, after thirty years of practical verification, cast basalt lined steel pipe can be well done.

Cast basalt is also used in cement plants for making air separators, chain conveyor, silica hoppers, nozzles, coal hoppers, cement hoppers, cyclones, raw mill ducts, chutes, thick slurry lines, mixers, grate cooler housing, coal ventury etc.

  • Tailings pipeline
  • concentrate pipeline
  • pipeline of transporting ore
  • pipe of transporting ash and residue in electric power station
  • pipe for transporting coal—water
  • pipe of sending sand by wind power
  • The concentration of slurry chute
  • edge—milling machine
  • disk feeder
  • slurry chutes
  • blast flush fines chute
  • blast furnace slag ditch
  • raw ore chute
  • funnels of autogenously mill
  • classification return mines chute
  • overflow launder
  • coke—conveying chute
  • saturator
  • acid separator
  • cyclone separator
  • sand mixed machine
  • punch mine ditch in mining industry
  • storage tank mine blast, coke funnel
  • all kinds of chutes, funnels, storage bin andso on.
  • load and unload material chute in fire—resistant industry
  • centrifugal concentrator punch mine launder

Cast Basalt Composite Pipes Used for Years

  • hydro cyclone
  • precipitator
  • pickling tank
  • slag conveyor
  • mixing machine downhill plate
  • conveying equipments need wear protection

Packaging and Delivery of Cast Basalt Products

Cast basalt pipe adopt foam packaging, then in accordance with the specifications to put them into wooden cases, sometimes them can be directly loaded into the compartment or container.