TEX update on Japanese steel imports

The Japan Iron & Steel Federation aggregated lately China’s import quantity of steel flat products from main countries during January through September.

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According to this, China’s import quantity of flat products during January through September was 8,951,000 tonnes, down 1,180,000 tonnes or 11.7% from the same period last year. By main country, import from the biggest Japan was 4,010,000 tonnes, down 890,000 tonnes or 18.2% ditto, which decreased by nearly 20%. That from Taiwan was 1,190,000 tonnes, also down 190,000 tonnes or 14.0% ditto, which largely dipped below that in the same period. While, that from Korea was 2,800,000 tonnes, slightly up 10,000 tonnes or 0.3% ditto.

That from Russian was 9,800 tonnes down 5,600 tonnes t/t or 36.1% ditto, and that from the EU was 533,000 tonnes, also down 6,000 tonnes or 10.8% ditto while that from the USA was 36,000 tonnes, up 6,400 tonnes or 21.6% ditto, from Brazil 9300 tonnes, up 7,500 tonnes or by 4.1 times ditto, and from Kazakhstan 171,000 tonnes, up 39,000 tonnes or 29.2% ditto.

Meantime, import quantity from the biggest 3 countries in September on a single month basis was 480,000 tonnes from Japan, down 60,000 tonnes or 11.8% from the same month last year, 120,000 tonnes from Taiwan, down 4,000 tonnes or 23.4% ditto, and 340,000 tonnes from Korea, also down 10,000 tonnes or 3.3% ditto.

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