Equal tees

Equal Tee (or straight tee), means the branch diameter of this tee is same with the main pipe (Run pipe) diameter of this tee.

The equivalent tee (or straight tee) is utilised as the branch has the same distance across as the run pipe. Equal Tee are equipped for taking care of any high or low weight stream of fluid through it. The equal tee are with the same channel and outlet sizes, however, customers can profit from us “decreasing” tees too that have maybe a couple closes with various in measurement, this is called an equal tee. Because of their dimensional contrast, these tee fittings help with the ability to control the volume when required. Our scope of Equal Tee and Equal Cross are impeccably built utilising most recent innovation and are generally utilised as a part of differing piping frameworks crosswise over commercial ventures. Faultlessly built to flawlessness utilising most recent machines and innovation, these pipe fittings are broadly utilised as a part of a large number of commercial ventures far and wide. Durable in quality, these pipe fittings are accessible at competitive prices.

Stainless steel threaded equal tee
Stainless steel threaded equal tee
45 Degree 1.5D Elbow ERW Equal tees
Seamless Equal tees ERW Equal tees
High pressure equal tee Low pressure equal tee
High pressure equal tee Low pressure equal tee


Equal Tee Dimensions

Equal Tee Dimensions

Inch. OD C M
1/2 21.3 25 25
3/4 26.7 29 29
1 33.4 38 38
1 1/4 42.2 48 48
1 1/2 48.3 57 57
2 60.3 64 64
2 1/2 73 76 76
3 88.9 86 86
3 1/2 101.6 95 95
4 114.3 105 105
5 141.3 124 124
6 168.3 143 143
8 219.1 178 178
10 273.1 216 216
12 323.9 254 254
14 355.6 279 279
16 406.4 305 305
18 457.2 343 343
20 508 381 381
22 559 419 419
24 610 432 432
26 660 495 495
28 711 521 521
30 762 559 559
32 813 597 597
34 864 635 635
36 914 673 673
38 965 711 711
40 1016 749 749
42 1067 762 711
44 1118 813 762
46 1168 851 800
48 1219 889 838

The dimensions are in millimeters

Source : ASME B16.9 - 2007

Common types of pipe tee
A pipe tee is a type of fitting that has a T shape and is used to join two or more plumbing pipes.
Tee Size

Size range: 1/2 to 72 inches

Pressure: SCH5 to SCH160

Pipe elbows
Welding Bevel acc. to standards:

Industrial Processes : Bending, squeezing, pressing, forging, machining and more

Features of Pipe Tee:
Related products of pipe tee:
Applications of pipe tee:
Pipe Tees are widely used in various commercial and industrial applications. Industrial applications include:

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Pipe Tee is a type of pipe fitting which is T-shaped having two outlets, at 90° to the connection to the main line.

Reducing tee
Reducing tee

Reducing tee has a branch that is smaller than main run allows for branching off to a smaller pipe of equipment from main run.

Equal tees
Equal tee (or straight tee), means the branch diameter of this tee is same with the main pipe (Run pipe) diameter of this tee.
Lateral Tee
Lateral Tee
A Lateral pipe tee means a pipe fitting which is similar to a tee but has a side opening outlet branch at a 45 degree angle.
Barred tee
Barred Tee
A barred tee is a tee or any fitting with a branch used in pipelines that is pigged and has a restriction bar welded internally preventing the pig from traveling down a branch connection.
5” x 2 ½” Reducing Tee, SUS304 Sch10, SMLS
Stainless Steel Tee

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Use iron bar support to prevent deformation of butt weld pipe tee
Butt weld pipe tee
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