LSAW pipes

LSAW (Longitudinally Submerged Arc Welded Steel pipes) in leaflets plate as raw material, the steel plate in the mold or molding machine pressure (volume) into using double-sided submerged arc welding and flaring from production.

Advantages of LSAW pipe

LSAW Steel Pipe For Oil & Gas pipeline

Material: As per API 5L, the steel grade covers X80 and lower

Material X70 (Ф712*15.9)

Material X60

Material X60 (Ф762*17.5)

Material X52

Material X52 (Ф812.8*19.1)

Material X52


Material X52

Material X52 (Ф912.8*21.3)

Material  X70

Material X70 (Ф753*17.9)

Size Range:

  • Outer diameter: Ф406-1524mm,
  • Wall thickness: 6-40mm 
  • Unit length: 8-12.1m
Range of LSAW pipes for oil and gas pipeline

Technical support for LSAW pipes

Difference between SSAW steel pipe and LSAW steel pipe

Difference between LSAW steel pipe and SSAW steel pipe are followings below:

Longitudinally Submerged Arc Welded Process Flow
(LSAW Pipes)with JCOE forming mode


Our technical support for ERW , SSAW & LSAW stel pipe

Mainly as a field gathering pipe and internal high-pressure natural gas pipeline of small-caliber, long-distance pipelines for oil and gas a small number, the vast majority of long-distance pipeline is the use of high-frequency straight seam welded pipe (ERW), spiral submerged arc welded pipe (SSAW), LSAW steel pipe (LSAW) three.

Inspection & Test Plan for LSAW

LSAW (Inspection & Test Plan for LSAW) in leaflets plate as raw material, the steel plate in the mold or molding machine pressure (volume) into using double-sided submerged arc welding and flaring from production.

The purpose of cold expansion for lsaw steel pipe

After cold expansion for lsaw steel pipe, steel tube and pipe end diameter will increase by about one percent difference in diameter of the diameter, roundness, and the pipe ends are greatly improved, also have greatly improved the straightness of the steel pipe, steel pipea length of about 0.5% reduction in wall thickness decreases by about 0.8%.

Q345B steel polishing method

Polishing means a processing method by the action of mechanical, chemical or electrochemical, lower the q345b steel pipe surface roughness, to obtain a bright and smooth surface, and surface modification process making use of a flexible polishing tools and polishing abrasive particles or other media on the workpiece .

The LSAW steel pipe producing equipments

The major equipment such as Plate Edge Milling Machine, Plate Edge Crimping Machine, Pipe Forming Press, Tack Welding Machine and Pipe Expander all adopt the technology and equipment of SMS MEER. The SMS MEER is the most famous special manufacturer to design and manufacture the whole production line equipment for LSAW pipe in the world . They have supplied all kinds of steel pipe manufacturing equipment for plenty of LSAW pipe manufacturers in the world and have got a very good reputation in this field.

LSAW produce Technology Center

As a superior technology center has been establish ed including the domestic first-class chenical laboratory,mechanics laboratory, the metallography test laboratory and welding laboratory with advanced equipments for inspection and test Accordingly,it can provide a comprehensive inspection for the raw material and the finished products so that it guaran test the high quality of products.

Weled steel pipe specification, Standard and identification

Welded steel pipe (steel pipe manufactured with a weld) is a tubular product made out of flat plates, known as skelp, that are formed, bent and prepared for welding.

Galvanized pipe process characteristics

What is Galvanized Steel Pipe? Galvanized steel can be made into a strong plumbing or tubing material -- one that resists corrosion from exposure to water or the elements. It has been used used for water-supply pipes or as a strong tubing for outdoor applications.



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