Oval Neck Track Bolts

We are manufacturer of Oval Neck Track Bolts and supply high quality Oval Neck Track Bolts in both large and small quantities worldwide and offer you the best prices in the market.

Oval Neck Track Bolts

Available Materials:

International Standards:

ANSI B 18.10

Standard Sizes:

Item Size Item Size
M06 6 ~ 150 mm  1/2 " 3/4 ~ 8 " 
M08 10 ~ 200 mm  5/8 " 1 ~ 12 " 
M10 12 ~ 300 mm  3/4 " 1 ~ 12 " 
M12 16 ~ 300 mm     
M16 25 ~ 300 mm     
M20 25 ~ 300 mm     

Mechanical Properties:

A cross fitting allows four direction transition in pipeline fields.

Fitting specification, Standard and identification

There are different varieties of pipe fittings made of various materials and available in various shapes and sizes.


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