Gas pipeline internal coating

Gas pipeline coating technology is a certain thickness of the pipe wall spray epoxy, not only avoid acidic gases in the transport pipe wall subject to corrosion, but also to prevent inclusion of other contaminants in the gas stream impurities deposited on the etched surface of the pipe wall side , which prevents the actual flow area reduction pipeline, reducing pipeline transmission capacity and reducing the energy consumption of gas pipelines are two ways: optimized at the design stage pipeline diameter, working pressure and pressure ratio choice and optimization of compressor stations settings, and selection of the host device; reduce friction losses gas pipeline, which is required when reducing the gas pressure. Now reduces gas pipeline friction loss is the only way to cover the inner surface of the pipe inner coating layer drag reduction. Inner pipe wall covered with drag-reducing coating, its most important role is to reduce hydraulic friction coefficient, but also reduces the gas when the gas pressure required. That is, the drag reduction effect of the coating on the inner diameter of the stated conditions and the gas volume, reducing the pipe line gas power; or the entire pipeline has been set the total power, increase the amount of gas pipeline . For large diameter gas pipeline, its effectiveness is very large.

Pipe coating technology, the main function of drag reduction, corrosion. Therefore, drag reduction performance coating composition within the basic requirements are: adhesion strength, permeability, abrasion resistance, pressure resistance, heat resistance, chemical stability and corrosion resistance and glossiness.

There are many substances in the coating composition, film-forming material can be divided, pigments, additives and solvents four categories, which film material is essential. To be able to form a good performance of the pipe wall covering layer of coating composition must be chosen properly, formulation science and reasonable. Domestic chemical industry to develop a major film by coating the coating material classification, but also in the practical application covering layer forming at whether a chemical reaction, the protective effect of the coating, and the coating of the physical form of classification.

Construction of the basic procedures within the coating:

Preheat pipeline-Surface treatment-Dust-End of the tape-Airless spray-Accelerate the curing-Test-Pile up((Storage to be transported).

Long-distance gas internal coating drag reduction technology has a good technical and economic nature. Drag reduction for the purpose of natural gas in the inner coating technology is a great promotional value of the technology. Technology compared with coated inner coating technology is relatively simple, that a single species, space is limited to the tube, without heating, construction conditions easier to control.

Weled steel pipe specification, Standard and identification

Welded steel pipe (steel pipe manufactured with a weld) is a tubular product made out of flat plates, known as skelp, that are formed, bent and prepared for welding.