How to extend the pre-crimping spiral steel technology

X-ray detection of the enlarged diameter steel pipe and tube end seam pressure test conducted film, to ensure the quality of the factory pipe. Fees device jointly developed by the domestic and imported the main key pieces. UT inspection pipe end to ensure steel quality.

Walled spiral steel pipe price unevenness "lack of meat", easy to burn and incomplete penetration welding, affect weld quality. Milling machine uses a floating high precision milling plus, and free-floating cutter edge with the board to ensure the uniformity of the groove, thus ensuring the quality of welding.

Pre-curved edge technology: early LSAW steel unit is not configured with pre-bending machine, then gradually adopted a roller pre-bending machine. Pre-roll bending process of high strength plank board edge pre-bending effect is not ideal, likely to cause longitudinally extending edge of the plate, while the plate waves and lack of leveling capability.

After a roller pre-bending of steel, you can see the adverse effect of pre-bending, plate edge has obvious waves. Price spiral steel pipe using pressure-type pre-bending machine. Using a press thousands of tons of spiral steel prices through the mold of steel edge stepping pre-bend. This process can be very good edge shape of the plate, effectively prevent the weld around "pout" phenomenon, to prevent cracking occurs when the enlarged diameter.