Steel pipe for hydro power

Penstock water is an important part of building hydropower stations, it is exposed to the reservoir under pressure forebay or surge chamber water pressure conditions, the water into the volute, turbine rotates promote or introduce water into the other equipment to meet supply requirements.

Arrangement of the penstock is based on topography, geological conditions and retaining, different forms of hydropower diversion structure to determine the location. Common form of penstock layout: Ming pipe, underground pipe, backfill pipe, penstock, dam pipe and so on. Force pipeline from the reservoir, pressure forebay or surge chamber to the turbine pipes conveying water, typically pressurized state. Its characteristics are concentrated most or all of the head hydropower, another steep slope, the water pressure, but also to withstand the impact of hydrodynamic pressure (water hammer pressure), and close to the plant, once the damage would be a serious threat to the safety of the plant.

So pressure pipe has a special importance, its materials, design methods and processing techniques have special requirements. Penstock pipe is generally graded by imports, the flat tube, the elbow, oblique tube (or shaft steel), the next bend, the next flat tube, fork, branch pipe. The main components include penstock pipe, elbow, taper pipe, gradient tubes, fork tubes, expansion joints and pipe accessories on (such as support ring, stiffener ring, sealing ring, anchor tendons, into the hole, filling holes, etc. ), as well as bearings and other parts out tube.

Steel pipe for hydro power used by endurance can be divided: Seamless steel pipe. Its smaller diameter, suitable for low flow high head case

Welded steel pipe. Apply in the case of larger diameter. Welded steel pipe bent into a circular shape by the welded steel, generally two sections adjacent vertical pipe joints should be staggered at an angle, to avoid weld weak points along the same line.

Reinforced concrete pipe. Having a low cost, greater rigidity, durability, etc., the internal pressure is usually not high for small and medium hydropower stations. In addition to ordinary reinforced concrete pipe, there are prestressed and reinforced concrete pipe from stress, ferro-cement pipe and prestressed concrete steel wire mesh tubes.

Determine the pressure pipe diameter is one of the major design elements pressure pipelines. Diameter of the pipe, the lower the cost of the timber and the pipe, but the higher the flow rate in the pipe, the head loss and the greater the energy losses. Therefore, to determine the diameter of the pipe is not only a technical problem or an economic issue, it should be more determined by technical and economic. At home and abroad to calculate the diameter penstock economic theory and empirical formula formula a lot, but its basic principles and methods are similar.

The actual design, because some factors (such as construction technology and technical levels, etc.) can not be considered in the calculation, so the result is calculated in accordance with a general reference. Can usually be determined by the calculation formula has several engineering experience and diameter, respectively, and then calculating the cost and power consumption, then the technical considerations, the optimum diameter.

Weled steel pipe specification, Standard and identification

Welded steel pipe (steel pipe manufactured with a weld) is a tubular product made out of flat plates, known as skelp, that are formed, bent and prepared for welding.