The developments for steel pipe

Steel pipe steel products as an important part in national economic development plays a significant role in the molding process due to the welding method and the use of different shapes into large-diameter tube seamless, straight seam steel pipe, spiral welded pipe.Divided into high-frequency straight seam steel pipe straight seam steel pipe, large diameter LSAW steel pipe.Currently the world's steel industry is the general trend: the growth rate of output pipe seamless pipe faster than the growth rate;

Steel pipe production proportionately much larger than seamless; seamless in all areas of market competition;

tube in the pipe, ERW steel pipe production on the dominant and long-distance oil and gas pipelines, city gas pipelines within the field of use LSAW pipe and spiral SAW pipes for the market.

Pipe is accompanied by the development of technology and seamless and progressive.Pipe in some areas will be seamless to gradually replace the inevitable trend, the key factor is the continuous improvement of product quality and lower manufacturing costs. Improve the quality of welded products, mainly rely on three technological advances: First, iron and steel smelting technology, and second, hot-rolled strip technology, third, steel manufacturing process.In Western countries, focused on broadening the use of ERW pipe area, the North American representative of the United States as the key development ERW OCTG range of applications, in the 1980s in the 3000m deep wells have been commonly used ERW casing;

to Germany on behalf of Europe,focus on developing application of boiler tubes, ERW pipe production in the low-pressure boiler pipe applications are common, accounting for more than half of the total boiler tubes, also used by some high-pressure boiler tubes ERW pipe.Asia to Japan, South Korea, represented almost fully developed the application of ERW pipe; South Korea, the country's total steel pipe more than 98% of total output, while the ERW pipe and pipe production account for more than 90%; Japan, due to weldingrapid advances in technology management and production costs down, and gradually replace some of the UOE pipe and seamless pipe.

Bound as a substitute in the future development trend of seamless pipe, welded steel pipe production technology manufacturing company has been the escalation of the future will use the product line and more comprehensive, higher quality pipe.
Q215, Q235A, B steel and 20 steel, diameter 63.5-219.0mm.

On the tube bending, end with the vertical center line, ellipse there are certain requirements, usually the pressure and flattening test.

Weled steel pipe specification, Standard and identification

Welded steel pipe (steel pipe manufactured with a weld) is a tubular product made out of flat plates, known as skelp, that are formed, bent and prepared for welding.