Welding advantages of double submerged arc welded straight seam steel pipe

Double submerged arc welded straight seam steel pipe is a new welding method invented in 1940, it is the same place and the front of the manual welding it or slag protection, but this residue is not the electrode coating, but melting out welding flux.

Flux system consists of a funnel filled with flux transported through a pipeline to the front to be welded. The second difference is not electrode, wire, because the wire can be continuously sent to; electrode, we burn an electrode must have a welding rod head gave throw, and the operation is stopped, and then change electrode welding.

After the wire is changed, with a means to send the wire and the wire for rent, gave continuous welding wire, welding wire is continuously fed, covered with a granular flux can be melted under the ignition of the arc, the welding wire, base material and part of the melting and evaporation of the flux constitute a cavity arc inside the cavity stable combustion, it called submerged arc welding. The arc is buried in the cavity inside.

The advantages of the double submerged arc welded

Pipe is a high-strength steel, this first prefabricated section of pipe at the factory inside, and then get on the site, field welding, the welding process is the use of this pipeline in the factory to make a submerged arc welding, submerged arc welding has developed into a double wire submerged arc welding, as well as multi-wire submerged arc welding, to further improve the efficiency.

Weled steel pipe specification, Standard and identification

Welded steel pipe (steel pipe manufactured with a weld) is a tubular product made out of flat plates, known as skelp, that are formed, bent and prepared for welding.