Concentric reducer

A concentric reducer is used to join pipe sections or tube sections on the same axis.

Concentric reducer

Concentric reducer is a kind of fitting that be used for reducing piping size. Concentric reducer is most commonly used and often eccentric reducer used in piping in about pump and pipe rack area.

CS Seamless Concentric Reducer - Sch 80
CS Seamless Concentric Reducer - Sch 80
Seamless concentric reducer
Seamless concentric reducer
Butt-welded concentric reducer
Butt-welded concentric reducer

These reducers are used in various applications that involved in high pressure, vibration & temperature. These reducers are widely used in chemical, petroleum, shipbuilding, gas, power sectors.

Carbon Steel Reducers with A234 WPB and 1/2 to 56-inch Size (DN15 to DN1400)

Concenteric Reducer, Seamless concentric reducer, Butt-welded concentric reducer, High pressure concentric reducer, Low pressure concentric reducer

We are passionate about reducers:
Pipe reducer are tube fittings that are widely used in a number of industries in order to providing greatest connection flexibility in connecting fractional tubes in various installations.

Material Grade:

WPB WPC WP1 WP12 CL1 WP12 CL2 WP11 CL3 WP22 CL1 WP22 CL3 WP5 CL1 WP5 CL3 WPR WP91 WP911 WP11 CL1 WP11 CL2 WP9 CL1 WP9 CL3

Abrasion resistant reuducer pipe

What is a concentric reducer?
A concentric reducer is a round reducer in which the center line remains the same,like a bell. So, anytime you are piping and you need the center to remain constant a concentric is the right choice. the other type is called an ecentric.

Applications of Pipe Reducer:

Uses of pipe reducer:
A pipe reducer serves the two basic purposes:

Size range:
Reducer is a kind of fitting that be used for reducing piping size. Pipe reducer 

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