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Pipe flanges are method of connecting pipes, valves, pumps and other equipment to form a piping system.
Forged steel flanges
+ Forged steel flanges
Stainless Steel Flanges
+ Stainless Steel Flanges
Blind Flanges, BL Flange, BLRF
Large size bland flange 90 Degree 1.5D Elbow
The blind flange is used to close ends of piping systems. It is a kind of round plate with no center hold but with all the proper bolt holes.
Spectacle Blind Flange, Figure-8 Blanks
Spectacle Blind Flange, Figure-8 Blanks A figure-8 blank (also called a Spectacle Blind Flange) is a pressure-retaining plate with one solid end and one open end connected with a web or tie bar.
Lap Joint Flanges
Lap Joint Flanges The lap joint flange is practically identical to a slip-on flange except it has a radius at the intersection of the bore and flange face. This radius is necessary to have the flange accommodate a lap joint stub end. Normally, a lap joint flange and a lap joint stub end are mated together is an assembly system.
Orifice Flanges
Orifice FlangesOrifice FlangesOrifice Flanges
Orifice flanges are used instead of the standard pipe flanges when orifice plate or flow nozzle is used. The basic purpose for this is to measuring the flow rate of either gases or liquids in the respective pipeline. These flanges are used in various industrial applications and are available in various sizes and materials.
Reducing Flanges
Reducing Flanges A reducing flange consists of a flange with one specified diameter having a bore of a different and smaller, diameter.
Socket Welding Flanges, SW Flange
Socket Welding Flanges, SW Flange The socket welding flange is similar to a slip-on flange except it has a bore and a counterbore dimension.
Slip-On Flanges, SO Flange
The Slip-on flange has a low hub because the pipe slips into the flange prior to welding.
Threaded Flanges, TH Flanges
Threaded Flanges, TH FlangesThreaded (Screwed) flange is similar to the Slip-On flange, but the bore is threaded.
Welding Neck Flanges
Welding Neck Flanges The Welding neck flanges is normally referred to as the high hub flange. It is designed to transfer stresses to the pipe, thereby reducing high stress concentrations at the base of the flange.
+ NW Long Weld Neck Flanges

The Packing Works for Steel Flanges
The packing way of plywood boxSteel flanges must be packed with seaworthy packing method then delivery to customers, usually the packing way include wooden box, wooden pallet, iron & steel cage, iron & steel pallet etc.

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Pipe flanges

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