JM7 rare earth alloy wear-resistant cast pipe

What is the performance of JM7 rare earth alloy wear-resistant cast pipe?

JM7 rare earth alloy wear-resistant cast pipe has the characteristics of random cutting and welding, convenient installation and so on.

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There are two common materials for rare earth alloy wear-resistant casting pipes: jm6 (ZG40CrMnMoNiSiRe) and jm7. Recently, many users will pay more attention to the performance of jm7 rare earth alloy wear-resistant casting pipes? Can it meet your working conditions? So as to further determine the procurement plan.

So What Is The Performance Of Jm7 Rare Earth Alloy Wear-Resistant Cast Pipe?

jm7 rare earth alloy wear-resistant cast pipe has the characteristics of random cutting and welding, convenient installation and so on. In addition, compared with jm6, jm7 rare earth alloy wear-resistant cast pipe has better wear resistance and relatively long service life. However, in terms of welding, many users are prone to poor on-site welding because they do not understand welding technology. This requires manufacturers to provide technical guidance and welding processes to help users better weld.

Therefore, in general, the performance of jm7 rare earth alloy wear-resistant cast pipe is still good. But whether you need jm7 or jm6, you need to keep your eyes open when choosing a manufacturer to avoid the situation where the goods cannot be welded on site and the manufacturer does not solve it, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the gain is not worth the loss. If you have a good welding process recommendation, please leave a message to exchange!

JM7 rare earth alloy tube product technical description

JM7 rare earth alloy material is a wear-resistant alloy material jointly developed by our factory unit and Northern Jiaotong University in the 1980s. It has been continuously improved over the years, and this alloy material has been serialized to meet various operating conditions in power plants.

  1. Wear-resistant elbows for power plant boiler powder feeding, ash removal and slagging pipes, which have been in use for nearly forty years and are highly recognized by users.
  2. This material has advantages that some other wear-resistant materials cannot match. For example, it can be used to make bimetallic materials for helical pipes, bringing great convenience to the operation, maintenance, and management of power plants.
  3. The composition design adopts a medium-carbon multi-element alloy system to ensure the comprehensive performance indicators of the material. Combining with the characteristics of resources in China, a small amount of multi-element alloy system is used. On the basis of the original alloy materials FeCr, Fe, NiRe, FeSi, additional alloy elements such as FeV, FeNb, Cu, etc., are added to ensure the product's performance.

Chemical Composition

Grade C Cr Mn Mo Ni Si W V Cu S P Re
0.25~0.35 12.0-15.0 0.60-1.20 0.30-0.60 2.0-3.0 0.80-1.20 Appropriate Appropriate Appropriate less 0.06 less 0.06 Appropriate

Mechanical properties

Grade Tensile Strength
σb Mpa
Impact Toughness
ak j/cm2
Yield Strength
Abrasive Wear
Operating Temperature
≥580 18 380 0.061 300 ≥36

Mechanical properties are ensured through sophisticated testing methods to guarantee the stability of material performance.

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