What Is 35CrMo Steel Material?

35CrMo is an alloy structural steel with high static strength, impact toughness and high fatigue limit.

35CrMo steel pipe
35CrMo steel pipe tee

35CrMo steel material belongs to alloy structural steel. 35 refers to the carbon content of about 35%, Cr is chromium, and Mo is molybdenum.

35CrMo steel material has high static strength, high impact toughness, high fatigue limit, higher hardenability than 40Cr steel, high temperature resistance, long-term working temperature can reach 500 ℃, poor welding performance.

The main applications of 35CrMo steel material are: it can be processed into important structural parts working under high load, such as the transmission parts of vehicles and engines; the rotor, main shaft, transmission shaft of heavy load and large section parts of turbogenerator.

Chemical composition of 35CrMo steel material:

The mechanical properties of 35CrMo steel material were as follows:

Delivery condition: annealing / tempering.

Hardness: ≦229 HBW

Characteristic:35CrMo has high static strength, impact toughness and high fatigue limit, harden ability is higher than 40Cr , higher creep strength and lasting strength under high temperature , long-term working temperature up to 500 ℃.

Application: 35CrMo alloy pipe is used to manufacture important parts of various machines that bear the impact, twist and high

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