09CrCuSb is a type of low-alloy steel commonly used for the production of welded structures such as bridges, buildings, and other constructions.

09CrCuSb (ND steel) resistant to sulfuric acid low temperature dew point corrosion steel (ND steel, ND steel, 09CrCuSb steel, 09CrCuSb steel, etc.). Usually called 09 club.

09CrCuSb ND steel is a new type of steel resistant to sulfuric acid low temperature dew point corrosion developed by Shanghai Institute of materials and Xingcheng Special Steel from 1987 to 1990.

ND steel is a low alloy structural steel. Compared with other steels such as low carbon steel, corten and cr1a, ND steel has excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.



It is widely used in power plants and refineries to manufacture economizers, air preheaters, heat exchangers and evaporators that work in high-sulfur flue gas to protect against sulfur-containing flue gas condensation.

PMI test PMI test

PMI test

09CRCUSB Carbon steel tube

09CrCuSb Alloy Steel Seamless Steel Pipe for Boiler Heat Exchanger Condenser

09CrCuSb is used in boilers, heat exchangers, condensers, etc. 09CrCuSb acid resistant steel has excellent resistance to sulphuric acid dew point corrosion and a very high price-performance ratio. It is a good material that can completely replace stainless steel and surpass stainless steel (in terms of resistance to sulphuric acid dew point corrosion).

Key Features of Acid-Resistant Steel (09CrCuSb)

Corrosion Resistance: Acid-resistant steel 09CrCuSb exhibits high resistance to corrosion in acidic environments, making it ideal for applications exposed to acid rain, industrial chemicals, and other corrosive substances. This makes it suitable for use in chemical processing facilities and areas with high air pollution levels.

High Strength: With a high yield strength and tensile strength, acid-resistant steel 09CrCuSb provides robust and reliable performance, making it suitable for various industrial and manufacturing applications.

Good Weldability: The steel offers good weldability, allowing easy joining through common welding techniques, enhancing its versatility in industrial and manufacturing applications.

Resistance to Atmospheric Corrosion: Acid-resistant steel 09CrCuSb surpasses traditional steel in resisting atmospheric corrosion, providing prolonged protection against the effects of rain, snow, and weather conditions without rust or corrosion.

Chemical Composition: Unique chemical composition, including copper, nickel, and chromium, contributes to its corrosion resistance and overall durability.

Low Maintenance: Unlike traditional steel, acid-resistant steel 09CrCuSb requires minimal maintenance, eliminating the need for regular painting or coating to protect against corrosion. This results in reduced overall maintenance costs for industrial structures.

Aesthetically Pleasing: Over time, acid-resistant steel 09CrCuSb develops an attractive patina, providing a natural and rustic appearance that complements industrial and manufacturing environments.

Chemical Composition

The specific chemical composition of 09CrCuSb steel may vary slightly depending on the manufacturing standards and requirements. It typically contains elements such as carbon (C), silicon (Si), manganese (Mn), chromium (Cr), copper (Cu), antimony (Sb), phosphorus (P), and sulfur (S).

Grade Chemical Composition(%)
C Si Mn Cr Cu Sb P S
09CrCusb ≤0.10 0.20-0.40 0.35-0.65 0.70-1.20 0.25-0.45 ≤0.10 ≤0.10 ≤0.10

Mechanical Properties

Grade Tenslle Strength(MPa) Yield Strength(MPa) Elongation(%)
09CrCuSb 390-550 ≥245 ≥25

Chemical composition in GB 150.2-2011

Grade Chemical Composition(%)
C Si Mn P S Cr Cu Sb
09CrCuSb ≤0.12 0.20~0.40 0.35~0.65 ≤0.030 ≤0.020 0.70~1.10 0.25~0.45 0.04~0.10

Comparison of 09CrCuSb steel (ND steel) with other steel grades

Steel grade 09CrCuSb(ND steel) CRIR(Japan) 1Cr18Ni9 Corten STEN(Japan) A3(Q235B)
Corrosionrate 7.30 13.40 21.70 63.00 27.4 103.50
multiple 1 1.84 2.97 8.63 3.75 14.11


Specification Specification
19*2-4mm 76-114 * 4-10mm
25 * 2-4mm 133-140 * 6-14mm
32 * 2-5mm 159-219 * 21-35mm
38-42 * 3-5mm 273-325 * 7-50mm
51-63 * 3-5mm 356-630 * 10-20mm

09CrCuSb (ND steel) steelis developed for coal-fired boilers, oil-fired boilers; heat exchangers for electric furnaces, pipes, chimneys, boiler air preheaters, economizers, heat exchangers, condensing coolers, evaporators, etc. Hot-rolled steel sheets and steel pipes with excellent resistance to sulfuric acid dew corrosion. Its superior resistance to sulfuric acid dew point corrosion and very high cost performance is the best material that can completely replace stainless steel and surpass stainless steel (in terms of sulfuric acid dew point corrosion resistance). ND steel has great economic significance, in line with today's high efficiency, longevity and energy saving. "Green" concepts such as environmental protection and national development policy orientation.

Advantage of09CrCuSb (ND steel)

ND steel, 09CrCuSb steel, is the most ideal steel for “sulfuric acid resistant low temperature dew point corrosion” at home and abroad. ND steel is widely used in the manufacture of economizers, air preheaters, heat exchangers and in high sulfur flue gas. Equipment such as evaporators, used to resist corrosion of sulfur-containing flue gas dew point. ND steel also has the ability to resist chloride ion corrosion. The main reference index of ND steel pipe (soaked in 50% H2SO4 solution at 70 °C for 24 hours) is higher than that of carbon steel and stainless steel.

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