ASTM A519 Standard Specification for Seamless Carbon and Alloy Steel Mechanical Tubing.

ASTM A519 Steel Pipe

ASTM A519 specification covers for several grades of carbon and alloy steel mechanical tubing, either hot-finished or cold-finished. The steel used in the mechanical tubing may be cast in ingots or may be strand cast. When steel of different grades is sequentially strand cast, identification of the resultant transition material is required. The seamless tubing is a tubular product made without a welded seam. It is usually manufactured by hot working steel, and if necessary, by subsequently cold finishing the hot-worked tubular product to produce the desired shape, dimensions and properties. The tubes shall be furnished in the following shapes: round, square, rectangular and special sections. Heat analysis shall be made to determine the percentages of the elements specified. If secondary melting processes are used, the heat analysis shall be obtained from one remelted ingot or the product of one remelted ingot of each primary melt. The tubing shall be coated with a film of oil before shaping to retard rust when specified

What is ASTM A519?

ASTM A519 covers several grades of carbon and alloy steel seamless mechanical tubing. The standard is also acceptable in the manufacture of piping. It is manufactured by hot working and then cold finishing the steel into round, square, rectangle or special shapes.


ASTM A519 specification covers several frades of carbon and alloy steel seamless mechanical tubing.

1.1 The frades anr listed in Tables 1, 2, and 3. When welding is used for joining the weldable mechanical tube grades, the welding procedure shall be suitable for the frade, the condition of the components, and the intended service.

1.2 This specification covers both seamless hot-finished emchanical tubing and seamless cold-finished mechanical tubing in sizes up to and including 12 3/4 in.(322.8mm) outside diameter of rround tubes with wall thicknesses as required.

1.3 The tubes shall be furnished in the following shapes, as specified by the purchaser:round, square, rectagular, and special sections.

1.4 Supplementary requirements of an optional nature are provided and when desired shall be so stated in the order.

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Features Specifications

OD(mm) Wall Thickness Unit(mm)
  2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 5 6 6.5-7 7.5-8 8.5-9 9.5-10 11 12


Chemical composition (%) of ASTM A519

Grade C Mn P≤ S≤ Si Cr Mo
1008 ≤0.10 0.30-0.50 0.040 0.050 - - -
1010 0.08-0.13 0.30-0.60 0.040 0.050 - - -
1018 0.15-0.20 0.60-0.90 0.040 0.050 - - -
1020 0.18-0.23 0.30-0.60 0.040 0.050 - - -
1025 0.22-0.28 0.30-0.60 0.040 0.050 - - -
1026 0.22-0.28 0.60-0.90 0.040 0.050 - - -
4130 0.28-0.33 0.40-0.60 0.040 0.050 0.15-0.35 0.80-1.10 0.15-0.25
4140 0.38-0.43 0.75-1.00 0.040 0.050 0.15-0.35 0.80-1.10 0.15-0.25

Mechanical Properties of ASTM A519

Grade Condition MPa Tenslle Point Yield Point Elongation
1020 CW


SR ≥345 ≥448 ≥10%
A ≥193 ≥331 ≥30%
N ≥234 ≥379 ≥22%
1025 CW ≥448 ≥517 ≥5%
SR ≥379 ≥483 ≥8%
A ≥207 ≥365 ≥25%
N ≥248 ≥379 ≥22%
4130 SR ≥586 ≥724 ≥10%
A ≥379 ≥517 ≥30%
N ≥414 ≥621 ≥20%
4140 SR ≥689 ≥855 ≥10%
A ≥414 ≥552 ≥25%
N ≥621 ≥855 ≥20%

What is the strength of ASTM A519?

ASTM A519 Grade 1026 Seamless Tubes Designation 4130 Tensile/ Mechanical Properties: Hot Rolled Ultimate Strength 90 ksi, 621 Mpa, Yield Strength 70 ksi, 483 Mpa and hardness 89. Stress Relieved Ultimate Strength 105 ksi, 724 Mpa, Yield Strength 85 ksi, 586 Mpa and hardness 95.

Mechanical Properties of ASTM A519

Standard Number Grade Tupe Standard Number Grade Tupe Standard Number Grade Tupe Standard Number Grade Tupe Standard Number Grade Tupe Standard Number Grade Tupe
G3445 STKM11A C A512 MT1010 C 1717 ERWC1 C 2391 St30Si C 3304 R28 C C017
A513 MT1010 C St30A1 C 3305 " C
2393 St28 C 3306 " C
RSt28 C
2394 St28 C
USt28 C
RSt28 C
STKM12A C A512 MT1015 C 1717 ERWC2 C 2391 St37-2 3304 R33 C
A513 MT1015 C 6323 HFS3 C RSt37-2 3305 " "
STKM12B C A512 MT1015 C 2394 St37-2 3306 " "
A513 MT1015 C Ust38-2
A519 MT1015 C RSt-2
STKM12C C 1717 CEWC2 C A49-322 TU37b C
" CFSC3 C A49-327 TU37b C
6323 CFS3 C
STKM13A C A312 MT1020 C 1717 ERWC3 C 2391 St45 C A49-324 TU37b C 2937 TS4 C
A513 MT1020 C 2393 St44-2 C A49-330 TU37b C 3304 R37 "
2394 St44-2 C A49-343 TU38b C 3305 " "
STKM13B C A513 MT1020 C 3306 " "
STKM13C C 1717 CEWC3 C
6323 CFS4 C
STKM14A C A513 MT1020 C 6323 HFS4 C 2937 TS9 C
3304 R42 "
STKM14B C 6323 HFS5 C 3305 R42 C
STMK14C C 3306 " "
STKM15A C A513 1030 C
A519 1030 C
STKM16A C A519 1040 C A49-311 TUXC35 C
A49-312 TUXC35 C
STKM17A C A519 1050 C 6323 HFS8 C
STKM17C C 6323 CFS8 C
STKM18A C A519 1518 C 1717 ERWC5 C A49-310 TU52b C
A49-311 TU52b C
A49-312 TU52b C
STKM18B C A49-321 TU52b C
A49-323 TU52b C
A49-326 TU52b C
STKM18C C A49-330 TU52b C
A49-341 TS42a C
" TS47a C
A49-343 TS18M5 C
STKM19A C A519 1524 C 2391 ST52 C 2937 TS18 C
2393 ST52-3 C 2938 Gr.1 C
2394 ST52-3 C 3304 R50 C
3305 R50 C
3306 R50 C
G3441 SCr420TK Cr C018
SCM418TK CrMo 6323 CFS10 CrMo
SCM420TK CrMo A519 5120 CrMo
SCM430TK CrMo A519 4130 CrMo
SCM435TK CrMo A519 4135 CrMo
SCM440TK CrMo A519 4140 CrMo 6323 CFS10 CrMo

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