JIS G3455

JIS G3454 is Janpness standard for Carbon steel pipe for pressure service.


This Standard specifies the carbon steel pipes (hereafter referred to as “pipes”) used for high pressure service at temperatures 350°C or lower. This Standard is generally applicable to pipes of outside diameters 10.5mm (nominal diameter 6A or 1/8B) to 660.4 mm (nominal diameter 650A or 26B).

In addition to the items specified in this text, the purchaser can previously designate special quality requirements upon agreement with the manufacturer, which are shown in Annex JA.

NOTE: The International Standard corresponding to this Standard and the symbol of degree of correspondence are as follows:

ISO 9329-2: 1997 Seamless steel tubes for pressure purposes-Technical delivery conditions-Part 2: Unalloyed and alloyed steels with specified elevated temperature properties (MOD)

The symbols which denote the degree of correspondence in the contents between the relevant International Standard and JIS are IDT (identical), MOD (modified), and NEQ (not equivalent) according to ISO/IEe Guide 21-1.

JIS G3455 is a Japanese Industrial Standard that specifies carbon steel pipes for high pressure service at an approximate maximum temperature of 350°C. The standard covers pipes with an outer diameter ranging from 15 to 600 mm, and wall thicknesses from 1 to 50 mm. The JIS G3455 specification includes four different grades of carbon steel pipes: STS 370, STS 410, STS 480, and STS 510.

Chemical Compositions(%) of JIS G3455

Standard Grade C Si Mn P S
JIS G3455 STS370 ≤0.25 0.10-0.35 0.30-1.10 ≤0.035 ≤0.035
STS410 ≤0.30 0.10-0.35 0.30-1.40 ≤0.035 ≤0.035
STS480 ≤0.33 0.10-0.35 0.30-1.50 ≤0.035 ≤0.035

Mechanical properties of JIS G3455

Standard Grade Yield Strength (Mpa) Tensile Strength (Mpa) Elongation (%)
JIS G3455 STS370 ≥216 ≥370 ≥30
STS410 ≥245 ≥410 ≥25
STS480 ≥275 ≥480 ≥25

The tubes shall be manufactured by seamless process, electric resistance welding process, or butt welding process, and those of other grades shall be manufactured by seamless process or electric resistance welding process. The tube shall be as manufactured or as cold-finished condition, or they shall be subjected to appropriate heat treatment.

The tubes shall be practically straight. and the two ends shall be at right angles to the axis of the tube. The tubes shall be free from defects detrimental to practical use.

Normative references

The following standards contain provisions which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of this Standard. The most recent editions of the standards (including amendments) indicated below shall be applied.

JIS G3455 Carbon Steel Pipes Dimensions Tolerance

Division  Tolerances on outside diameter Tolerances on wall thickness Tolerances on wall thickness
Hot-finished seamless steel pipe 50mm Under 【0.5mm ≤4mm Under
≤4mm or over
Within 20%
of wall thickness
50mm or over 200mm to and excl.
200mm of over 【0.8%
For the pipe 350mm of over, the tolerances on outside diameter may be determined by the
measurement of the length of circumference. shall be 【0.5%.
Cold-finished seamless steel pipe 40mm Under【0.3mm ≤2mm Under
40mm of over 【0.8% ≤2mm or over
For the pipe 350mm or over, the tolerances on outside diameter may be determined by the
measurement of the length of circumference, In this case, the tolerances shall be 【0.5%.

【H】 Ceramic lined pipe

Ceramic lined pipe is made through self-propagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS) technique.

【H】 Cast basalt lined steel pipe

Cast basalt lined steel pipe is composed by lined with cast basalt pipe, outside steel pipe and cement mortar filling between the two layers.

【H】 Ceramic Tile Lined Pipes

Ceramic tile lined pipes have very uniform coating of specially formulated ceramic material that is affixed to the inner of the pipe.

【H】 Rare earth alloy wear-resistant pipe

The material of the rare earth alloy wear-resistant pipe is ZG40CrMnMoNiSiRe, which is also the grade of rare earth alloy steel.

【H】 Tubes Erosion Shields

Tubes Erosion Shields are used to protect boiler tubing from the highly erosive effects of high temperatures and pressures thereby greatly extending tube life.

【H】 ASTM A213 T91 Alloy Tube

The ASTM A213 T91 seamless tubes are primarily used for boiler, superheater, and heat-exchanger.

Ni-Hard Wearback Pipes Ni-Hard Wearback Pipes