Steel Pipe For Gas Cylinder

Steel Pipe For Gas Cylinder

Gas cylinder steel pipe is used in manufacturing seamless steel gas cylinders, automotive CNG cylinders and composite cylinders.

Steel pipes used for gas cylinders are typically made from grades such as 37Mn, 34Mn2V, 35CrMo, and others. These grades of steel are chosen for their suitability in producing gas cylinder steel tubes . It provides excellent hot rolled thin-walled seamless steel pipe for tube-type bottle. This high-pressure gas cylinder pipe has such features: quality inside and outside surface; uniform wall thickness; light mass; high productivity and yield and low cost, etc.

 Implement specifications GB 18248, GB28884 and JIS 3429. Products are used for the manufacture of firefighting gas cylinder, industrial gas cylinder and vehicle-borne gas cylinder. Products can be ordered in accordance with the client’s requirements. It has been applied in seamless tube-type bottle bottom closing in key technology, adopting the gas cylinder pipe manufacture from punching drawing billet to thin-walled seamless steel pipe production. And this change is welcomed by users and has been an trend.

Usage Specification No. Steel Grade
Seamless Steel Pipe used for Gas Cylinder GB /T18248 37Mn, 34CrMo4, 35CrMo, 30CrMnSiA, 30CrMo
Fire-fighting gas cylinders, industrial gas cylinders, vehicle gas cylinders JIS G3429 37Mn, 34Mn2V, 30CrMo, 35CrMo, STH11, STH12, STH21, STH22, or anything else
Seamless Steel Pipe used for Gas Cylinder with Large Volume GB/T28884 30CrMoE(4130X), 32CrMoE(4142)

Products can be ordered in accordance with the client’s requirements.

30CrMoE seamless tubes are used for manufacturing seamless steel tubes for gas cylinders with a capacity of 300L~3 000L.

Chemical Component of 30CrMoE

Grade   C Si Mn P S Cr Mo Ni Cu
30CrMoE 1 0.25-0.35 0.15-0.35 0.4-0.9 ≤0.02 ≤0.01 0.8-1.1 0.15-0.25 ≤0.3 ≤0.2
2 0.26-0.34 0.17-0.37 0.4-0.7 ≤0.02 ≤0.01 0.8-1.1 0.15-0.25 ≤0.3 ≤0.2

*30CrMoE 1 is equal to 4130X.

Mechanical property of 30CrMoE

Standard T.S/MPa Y.S/MPa E/A % Yield Ratio Hardness/HBW -40℃ Impact Test/J
30CrMoE ≥720 ≥485 ≥20 ≤86 ≤269 ≥32

NDT: UT 100%.

JIS G3429 Seamless tubes for high pressure gas cylinder

Chemical Compositions(%) of JIS G3429

Grade C Si Mn P S Ni Cr Mo
STH11 ≤0.50 0.10-0.35 ≤1.80 ≤0.035 ≤0.035 / / /
STH12 0.30-0.41 0.10-0.35 1.35-1.70 ≤0.030 ≤0.030 / / /
STH21 0.25-0.35 0.15-0.35 0.40-0.90 ≤0.030 ≤0.030 ≤0.25 0.80-1.20 0.15-0.30
STH22 0.33-0.38 0.15-0.35 0.40-0.90 ≤0.030 ≤0.030 ≤0.25 0.80-1.20 0.15-0.30

Tolerances of JIS G3429

Tolerance Data
Outside diameter: 0.01
Wall thickness: 0.3
Wall thickness disparity: Within 20% of the nominal wall thickness
Length: >+30mm

【H】 Ceramic lined pipe

Ceramic lined pipe is made through self-propagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS) technique.

【H】 Cast basalt lined steel pipe

Cast basalt lined steel pipe is composed by lined with cast basalt pipe, outside steel pipe and cement mortar filling between the two layers.

【H】 Ceramic Tile Lined Pipes

Ceramic tile lined pipes have very uniform coating of specially formulated ceramic material that is affixed to the inner of the pipe.

【H】 Rare earth alloy wear-resistant pipe

The material of the rare earth alloy wear-resistant pipe is ZG40CrMnMoNiSiRe, which is also the grade of rare earth alloy steel.

【H】 Tubes Erosion Shields

Tubes Erosion Shields are used to protect boiler tubing from the highly erosive effects of high temperatures and pressures thereby greatly extending tube life.

【H】 ASTM A213 T91 Alloy Tube

The ASTM A213 T91 seamless tubes are primarily used for boiler, superheater, and heat-exchanger.

Ni-Hard Wearback Pipes Ni-Hard Wearback Pipes