Tubes For Mechanical And Automotive

Tubes For Mechanical And Automotive

Seamless steel tubes for mechanical and automobile usage for backbone of automobile and rear axle tube, manufacturing and processing of precision equipments, instruments and apparatus.

Standard packaging is used to prevent damage to the material during shipping. If you need custom packaging for your order, please let us know what your requirements are and we will accommodate your specific needs.


Delivery Condition: GBK, BKS, BK, BKW, NBK

Inspection and Test: Chemical Composition, Mechanical Properties, Visual and Dimension Test, NDT, Grain Size Test

Surface treatment: Oil-dip, Varnish, Shot Blasting

Production Standard, Grade, Steel No:

SCM4 Grade seamless steel pipe

Pipe SCM4

SCM4 Grade seamless steel pipe

SCM4 grade seamless steel pipes find applications in diverse industries, including machinery manufacturing, construction, and engineering. Their high-quality construction and reliability make them a preferred choice for various industrial applications.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Material: SCM4 grade steel ensures superior strength and durability.
  • Seamless Construction: Seamless design minimizes potential weak points, enhancing reliability.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Resistant to corrosion, suitable for various challenging environments.
  • Precision Manufacturing: Precise manufacturing process ensures consistent quality and performance.


  • Industry Standard: SCM4 grade meets industry standards, ensuring compliance and reliability.
  • Robust Performance: Withstands high pressure, temperature, and harsh conditions without compromising integrity.
  • Wide Applications: Versatile for use in machinery, construction, and other industrial sectors.
SCM4 Grade seamless steel pipe
SCM4 Grade seamless steel pipe
SCM4 Grade seamless steel pipe
SCM4 Grade seamless steel pipe
SCM4 Grade seamless steel pipe
SCM4 Grade seamless steel pipe

【H】 Ceramic lined pipe

Ceramic lined pipe is made through self-propagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS) technique.

【H】 Cast basalt lined steel pipe

Cast basalt lined steel pipe is composed by lined with cast basalt pipe, outside steel pipe and cement mortar filling between the two layers.

【H】 Ceramic Tile Lined Pipes

Ceramic tile lined pipes have very uniform coating of specially formulated ceramic material that is affixed to the inner of the pipe.

【H】 Rare earth alloy wear-resistant pipe

The material of the rare earth alloy wear-resistant pipe is ZG40CrMnMoNiSiRe, which is also the grade of rare earth alloy steel.

【H】 Tubes Erosion Shields

Tubes Erosion Shields are used to protect boiler tubing from the highly erosive effects of high temperatures and pressures thereby greatly extending tube life.

【H】 ASTM A213 T91 Alloy Tube

The ASTM A213 T91 seamless tubes are primarily used for boiler, superheater, and heat-exchanger.

Ni-Hard Wearback Pipes Ni-Hard Wearback Pipes